Fishing News

The new fishing year is now well under way ,a few club boats have been fishing

“Magic “ went out for a daytime drop for Broadbill ,the rig to get the bait to the bottom worked well .A few albacore & striped tuna were also caught.

“Captain Cranky” Fished out of Batemans Bay for a Yellowfin approx. 60Kg to Andy Clarke, but this fish was not weighed.

“2 Small” have been out and about, deep dropping (getting a few ling and blueye) although the deep fish have seemed to slowed up over the last couple of weeks, and deep dropping for swordfish (no luck yet)

They also Tried their luck over 3 weekends for 6 from 8 sharks tagged on the first day One of which was caught on 15Kg Tippet Fly gear. Well done Blake.

Their second trip saw 3 from 6 sharks tagged

A sloppy sea on the 3rd day saw no results, The Waltons now have new boat moored at their wharf.

Good luck with your 28 Carribean for the year.

The new NSWGFA tag & release point score for Sharks is now in force. Check the clubs year book on the website.

Our clubs part of the new building at the Greenwell Point Bowling Club is Now fitted out with shelving for all of our Perpetual Trophies & the gear needed to run the club.

The Committee would like to thank the Bowling Club for our part of the new building.We will make good use of the extra space.

Good luck to all boats this season, with a zone weekend coming up this weekend, and a few decent yellowfin caught today, from reports there in massive schools, although travaling fast, lets all get out there and help our southern zone.