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I have sort clarification of the rules where a fish is tagged and then continued to be fought with  the intention of possibly capturing it and claiming the capture rather than the T&R points.
The response from NWGFA follows...

NSWGFA has a specific rule regarding this issue. Refer page 6 NSWGFA By-Laws & Regulations July 2013 (h) 8.

The wording is below in red.

A fish is considered tagged and released when the tag is secured to the fish and the fish is released back into the water alive.

Therefore the answer to the question is quite simple.

A Tag & Release cannot be claimed until the fish is tagged and is then released back into the water alive.

The word released means, “ release, free, dismiss, discharge, liberate all mean to let loose or let go. Release and free both suggest a helpful action”.

By continuing to fight a fish after it has been tagged and not purposely released, and then subsequently lost, then the Tag & release cannot be claimed because the fish has won and has not been released by the action of the crew in removing the hook or cutting the line.

If the fish is subsequently brought to the boat and the skipper and angler decide to take the fish then that is within the rule and capture points can be claimed. It is also expected that the tag that was put in the fish in the first place be removed so it can be used again so no tag wastage occurs.

Hope this clarifies the question and I am OK with this response being sent to any person or club if that is the desire of NSWGFA & GFAA.

Grahame A Williams, OAM
Treasurer & Records Officer, NSWGFA Inc.
GFAA Inc. Executive Officer (NSW)