Fishing News

A message from the recorder ;)

The Sh. GFC winter comp has only 2 Months left to run, (Zone Days Only). The T&R section has “ 2 Small” in the lead with 3,750 Pts.
Capture section also has “2 Small “ in front with the capture of Thresher Shark to Blake Matthews. The fish went 167.3 Kg on 24 Kg for a new club record, replacing an 85 Kg Shark to Craig Holbrow on “Albacore” which was held for 23 years.

The annual round of Tournaments start soon, With Wollongong Comp mid September, Jervis Bay tournament is to be held late November.

The Southern Zone Cock-O-Walk is on every 2nd & 4th full weekends of each Month. A Tournament & Zone weekend Calendar is available on the club website.

If you capture a fish you would like to have weighed please don’t hesitate to call 0412 512 574, I would be happy to weigh it for you.

Other Clubs up & down the coast will weigh a fish for you. Call us & we will help arrange with the club concerned. The paper work should still be in SH.GFC hands within 14 days of the capture.