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Late in 1971 a small group of fisherman who had been active at "The Banks", met in John O'Brien's office to discuss how best to ensure the orderly development of fishing in the area. The result of this meeting was the formation of the Shoalhaven Game Fishing Club with weighing stations at Greenwell Point and Huskisson, Jervis Bay. The name "Shoalhaven" was decided upon so that the new club could try and develop the sport of ethical fishing in the area bounded by Shoalhaven Shire.


Dr Blumer was elected first President and John McIntyre lent his experience and administrative ability as inaugural Secretary.

The Club was affiliated with New South Wales Game Fishing Association and thus with the Game Fishing Association of Australia.

The Club is also affiliated with the International Game Fishing Association since world body has sought the support of individual clubs and anglers as members.

The primary objects of the Shoalhaven Game Fishing Club have been achieved to a marked degree. These objects, the wishes of the founding members, are;

  • a) To establish an ethical active game fishing club in the Shoalhaven area for the benefit of local anglers, and
  • b) To disseminate knowledge for visiting anglers to enjoy the potential nature has provided.
  • c) To establish the Shoalhaven Game Fishing Club so both it and the area are recognised and accepted by members of other clubs in Australia and overseas.
  • d) To encourage the camaraderie and friendship of offshore fishing in challenging sea conditions with big and small boat fishermen whether amateur or professional.
  • e) To work towards the conversation of fish stocks for future generations and to assist in the build up in scientific knowledge of the fishes and marine ecology in general.
  • f) To ensure that the Club is viable and self supporting.

These are part of the presidents report tabled by Peter Goadby August 31, 1974.